Animal Benefits

Rock Salt Benefits for Animals (COWS, CATTLE’S, HORSES & GOATS)
The same minerals rich health benefits of Himalayan salt are now available for your farm animals cows & Pets.
Himalayan salt for horse, goats, sheep and another farm animals deliver a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to your animals diet in a safe all natural rock salt.


Rich In Trace minerals and Electrolytes:
Himalayan Salt is now used at tens of thousand of horse stable and cows frame across the United State. Himalayan Salt has become very popular for those are about the holistic health and well-being of their horses and another stable and farm animals.



Vast Selection of Product :
If you Prefer more direct control over your animal’s salt and mineral intake, you can also try our 5lb fine ground bag of animal salt to put directly into your animal feed for a more controller delivery of salts and minerals.
Shop our entire animals wellness catalogue for the best pink Himalyan crystal salt product for your animals. With salt skill Himalayan salt you can be confident of the best for your animals.

Product Description:
Mass products salt licks are produced using salt with minerals added in the manufacturing process. Himalyan rock salt licks are literally “Rock Hard” this means that animals are unable to bite chunk of blocks, problem that can occur with the softer process salt licks.

This licks area also much more whether resistant, which means they can safely left outside in the fields for the frame animals for the self dose. Our experiences has shows that farm animals and pets prefer these to other salt licks. Farmer has historical provided salt licks for their cattle, horse and other herbivores to encourage healthy growth and development. A salt licks s a deposits of mineral salt used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets. A wide assortment of animals, primarily herbivores use salt lick to get their essential nutrients lick calcium, magnesium, sodium and zinc. Himalya salt licks for farm animals are obviously distinctive by their color, however it is not just this sets them apart from other licks. We like to describe them as salt licks with nothing added or nothing taken out and we believe they are one of the purest forms of salt(Sodium Chloride) available.

We can Give you Himalyan Rock Salt 100% Natural in GRINNED (SUZI) size in 25 kg packaging in our brand name Royal Rock Salt.